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Interested in reconditioning Prius battery cells? Call us today.

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

Every hybrid battery wears out over time. But car owners can prolong the life of their battery by carrying out hybrid battery reconditioning. This form of preventive maintenance increases the usable battery pack capacity and provides an insight into the condition of your battery.

The hybrid battery reconditioning process involves:

Charging and balancing the battery pack for up to 12 hours

Deep discharging the battery pack

Repeating the above cycle at least 2-3 times leads to 15-25% or more increase in capacity

At Charged Hybrid, we recommend hybrid battery reconditioning every six months and or anytime the vehicle sits unused for more than one week. Regularly maintaining your hybrid battery will ensure it runs both efficiently and for a longer period.


Charged Hybrid are available to perform hybrid battery reconditioning services on all makes and models of Mercedes and BMW vehicles. Please get in touch with us in order to receive pricing for your specific hybrid vehicle.

Recondition hybrid batteries with Charged Hybrid in Dublin.

Why Does A Hybrid Battery Need To Be Reconditioned?

Cell capacity is reduced

Cells drift out of balance with each other

A hybrid battery will start to degrade when cells fall out of sync with each other. Factors such as the make and model of a vehicle, climate, and driving habits will affect the speed of this deterioration.

The performance of your vehicle is limited by the hybrid's battery management system to the weakest cell when discharging and the strongest cell while charging. An imbalance caused by cells holding different levels of charge will impact the usable range of the hybrid battery and will need to be reconditioned as a result.

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