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Looking to organise a hybrid battery repair service in Dublin? Call us today.

Hybrid Battery Repair

A hybrid battery's performance is reliant on many individual battery cells. Over time, batteries begin to degrade and cells fall out of sync with each other which impacts the overall performance of the battery pack.

Hybrid repair service involves:

Testing and replacement where necessary

Two-year unlimited mileage warranty for hybrid battery repairs

A hybrid vehicle cannot force cells with different charge levels and capacities within a battery pack back into balance on its own. To address this issue, we carry out testing and replacements where necessary and offer clients high-performance new and reconditioned hybrid batteries.


Mercedes and BMW vehicle owners of all makes and models can avail of our hybrid battery repair and replacement services. Customers are required to contact us directly in order to receive pricing.

All hybrid battery repairs by Charged Hybrid come with a two-year warranty. Call us today.

Repair Process For Hybrid Vehicle Batteries

Charged Hybrid help clients throughout Dublin repair their hybrid's battery by restoring cells that have become out of balance with one another. All hybrid battery repairs come with a two-year warranty - provided the client tops up their battery every six months.

As part of our repair process, batteries will be subjected to rigorous testing as well as deep discharging and charging cycles. All cells are balanced to ensure maximum efficiency. Imbalances cannot be corrected on their own and require the attention of a hybrid battery repair specialist.

Should you need to replace your hybrid battery, clients will be able to access batteries which have been sourced through reputable suppliers. Get in touch with our team in Dublin to learn more about our services.

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