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Organise a free hybrid car health check in Dublin with our team today .

Hybrid Car Health Check

Maintaining your hybrid car regularly will have a big impact on the overall condition of your vehicle and allows owners to see faults in real time. Our free hybrid car health check includes a four point inspection of your hybrid car:

System test: computer diagnostic testing

Auxiliary battery charging test

Hybrid battery check: capacity analysis and insulation test

Cooling system check: analysis of system efficiency

We recommend conducting a health check every six months to keep your hybrid car running effectively and efficiently. On completion of a health check, customers will receive a full report on the condition of their hybrid car and its hybrid battery, as well as recommendations about further maintenance.

Gain insights into the health of your hybrid vehicle. Call us today.

Why You Should Complete A Hybrid Car Health Check

Maintain optimum performance

Alerts you to any issues with your hybrid vehicle

Peace of mind

Extend the life of your battery


The hybrid car health check provided by Charged Hybrid ensures drivers enjoy the full benefits of owning a hybrid vehicle by maintaining their vehicle to the highest standards.

Clients will receive a detailed report upon completion of their free health check which will provide a comprehensive analysis of their vehicle. We use the latest computer diagnostics and tools in order to conduct thorough and transparent inspections.

Get in touch with Charged Hybrid by phone or email today and arrange a free vehicle inspection service in Dublin.

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